Biobizz Top Max

Biobizz Top Max
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Biobizz Top Max is a 100% organic flowering stimulator that encourages rapid cell division during flowering and increases the production of transport sugars in the flowers or fruits of your plants, resulting in larger blossoms and fruits with enhanced flavours, oil and aromas.

The extraordinary way Biobizz Top Max assists in the flow of nutrients is made possible through the use of humic acids, which are formed throughout millions of years by deposits of vegetables and dirt. Its main source comes from a deposit called Leonardite which is the material with the greatest organic concentration on the planet. It comes from trees and vegetation that grew, flourished and died during the carboniferous period 300 million years ago. Fulvic acids are also included which are in charge of providing healthy, floral growth. These beneficial acids combined make for a great formula and with the additional ingredients your plants will love it and will develop their flowers and fruits extremely well.

Top Tip
To get the best out of Top Max you should feed your plants with your regular nutrients and additives and wait a few minutes before you apply Top Max alone. This ensures that delivery capacity will include all fertiliser elements that are contained within the soil.

How To Use
Start Of Use - Add 2ml per litre of water.

Maximum Strength - Add 5ml per litre of water.

G1626  Biobizz Top Max - 500ml 10.25
G1627  Biobizz Top Max - 1 litre 18.50
G1628  Biobizz Top Max - 5 litre 85.00

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