Bluelab Guardian Monitor

Bluelab Guardian Monitor
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If you run a hydroponics garden and store a large amount of nutrient solution in a tank, you may wish to monitor the PH and EC levels and also the temperature of the solution on a regular basis and to save time a unit that constantly monitors and displays the levels would be a great idea and the Bluelab Guardian Monitor does exactly that.

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor can be mounted on your grow room wall above your tank and plugged into the mains as it requires a permanent supply of power. The two probes can be submerged into the nutrient solution to monitor the levels and then display them on a large clear backlit LCD screen, which has an adjustable brightness control.

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor has the ability for you to set high and low levels and if one parameter moves away from your ideal setting a silent alarm will flash on the unit to alert you, allowing you to make the required adjustments quickly and efficiently.

The EC and temperature require no calibration and the PH probe can be calibrated with the simple push button PH calibration on the unit.

A professional piece of kit that will constantly give you accurate readings and any grower who is serious about their garden will know how important it is to know and maintain the optimum levels for your plants to thrive.

G2303  Bluelab Guardian Monitor 215.00

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