Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost

Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost
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Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost is a powerful bio stimulant that increases the growth rate of your plants to help provide thicker stems with lush dense green foliage and it also works in the soil to increase the activity of any beneficial micro-organisms and also the soil bio-activity.

Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost contains Humic acid which helps to increase the nutrient and micronutrient absorption through the roots, improving the availability of the crucial elements to the plant. Top growth on your plants will dramatically increase and the stress tolerance of your plants will be much higher, which is great when you consider the extreme stressful conditions your plants are grown in.

We all boost our plants in the flowering and fruiting stage to increase our yield, so why not boost in the veg stage to increase the flowering sites that will be available before you enter this cycle, surely it makes sense.

How To Use
Use once every 10-14 days in the vegetative stage.

Add 1ml - 2ml per litre of water and feed to your plants.

DO NOT add any other nutrients or additives to the solution as this could result in over fertilisation of your plants.

Foliar: Add 1ml per litre of water and apply with a sprayer in low light conditions or just before your lights turn off.

G1636  Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost - 125ml 5.40
G1637  Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost - 250ml 9.50
G1679  Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost - 1 litre 26.50

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