Canna Bio Terra Discount Deal

Canna Bio Terra Discount Deal
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If you wish to grow your plants organically and need to buy the soil, nutrients and additives take a look at this fantastic Canna Bio Terra package deal we have to offer, with a great discount on the price.

Our Canna Bio Terra package deal consists of all the organic nutrients and additives that you will need to raise your plants in a 100% organic substrate from beginning to end, to deliver some amazing organic results from your edible crops.

Canna Bio Rhizotonic is used in the early stages for young plants to initiate good root growth and a large root system.

Canna Bio Vega nutrient is used for the growth stage and when your plants have begun to flower and you see them appearing on your plants you can switch to Canna Bio Flores along with a touch of Canna Bio Boost for the best organic results.

Canna Organic PH Down is also supplied to control your PH levels organically and it contains only citric acids.

Canna Bio Terra Package Deal Includes:
Canna Bio Rhizotonic 250ml.

Canna BioTerra Vega 1 litre.

Canna Bio Terra Flores 1 litre.

Canna Bio Boost 250ml.

Canna Organic PH Down 1 litre.

Canna Bio Terra Professional Plus 50 litre.

G1301  Canna Bio Terra Discount Deal 80.00

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