When you first raise your plants from seed or cuttings, you will need to propagate them to allow the plants to become well established and ready for their next stage in life. They will require a humid environment, with the correct spectrum and level of light above their canopy. We have all the tools you will need for propagation, from unheated and heated propagators to aeroponic propagators, rooting gels and root stimulators, cloning kits, scalpels and hydroponics propagation growing media.

Aeroponics 12 Site Propagator

This 12 site aeroponic propagator can hold your plant cuttings in Jiffy's, Root Riot, Rockwool SBS cubes or you can just use the neoprene collars to support them in the 2" mesh pots. The clear lid of the propagator also has a vent for you to control the humidity level inside, to create the perfect humid environment.

From: 45.00

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Aeroponics 20 Site Propagator

This 20 site aeroponic propagator will help to reduce rooting times with your cuttings and also help to produce a good root system, ready for transplanting to any growing media or growing system. This propagator is perfect to use with a two foot T5 fluorescent light unit to cover your cuttings with the light they require.

From: 60.00

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Aeroponics 105 Site Propagator

Our largest aeroponic propagator used for rooting 105 of your favourite cuttings. This propagator unit uses only one pump to deliver your solution through a main header, which is placed below the mesh pots. A clear high top propagation dome helps to raise the humidity level inside, which also has 3 large vents fitted.

From: 144.95

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Aeroponics Neoprene Collars

These neoprene collars are to be used with 2" mesh pots, to hold and support your cuttings without any growing media required. The cuttings will receive much more air, water and mild nutrients, to help provide quicker rooting times and once rooted they can be removed from the collars easily and planted on.

From: 0.50

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Unheated Plant Propagator

These propagators have a very strong moulded base with ridges, to prevent any puddles from forming and also a high clear top lid to allow your young plants to be kept longer inside. The slots on top of the lid can be opened or closed to help maintain the correct environment and humidity level inside the propagator.

From: 5.75

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Heated Plant Propagator

This heated propagator is great to use when you are propagating in an area that may be too cold for your cuttings to root. A heatmat is sandwiched between the two base layers, which maintains the correct temperature for your cuttings or seedlings to become well established and the lid also has air vents fitted as well.

From: 33.50

Heated Plant Propagatormore

Plant Clone Kit 24

This plant clone kit 24 contains all you need to cut, dip and root, 24 cuttings of your favourite plant. If you are planning to continue with the variety of plant that you have, you will need to clone it and this kit will make it much simpler for you to achieve this. This kit is suitable to use with a small T5 or a small PL light unit.

From: 17.50

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Plant Clone Kit 48

This plant clone kit 48 allows you to choose the media you wish to root your cuttings in, Jiffy Peat Pellets, Root Riot organic cubes or Grodan Rockwool cubes. Cut with scalpel, dip in Clonex and push your cuttings into your media and place in the propagator to root and then supply them with a mild dose of Formulex.

From: 35.00

Plant Clone Kit 48more

Clonex Rooting Gel

Clonex is a rooting gel unlike any other and it is used worldwide by many growers to help initiate root growth from plant cuttings. Clonex is packed full of special hormones which assist your cuttings to initiate fast root development. Simply dip your cuttings into Clonex and then gently push them into your growing media.

From: 5.00

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Nitrozyme is a pure and powerful organic growth enhancer that is derived and extracted from marine plants. Nitrozyme helps to produce new lush growth, very fast and it is perfect for foliar feeding your mother plants a few weeks before you are due to take any cuttings, to provide you with an abundance of tips to choose from.

From: 12.95


House & Garden Roots Stimulator 1

House and Garden have developed this root stimulator to help increase the root mass of your young plants very quickly. It contains many beneficial ingredients that will encourage the roots to develop well and also aid with nutrient uptake through the root systrem. It can be used with any method of cultivation, soil, coco or hydro.

From: 10.95

House & Garden Roots Stimulator 1more

House & Garden Roots Excelurator

If you wish to quickly increase the root mass of your plants, add a little Roots Excelurator into your feeding solution. This powerful root stimulant is packed full of ingredients, that will help to eradicate any dead root material in your media to make way for an abundance of new root growth and root hairs to form.

From: 34.95

House & Garden Roots Exceluratormore

Canna Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic is a powerful root stimulator that can be used for soil, hydroponics and coco, the first few weeks of your plants growing period. Rhizotonic has an algae based formula which helps to stimulate the plants root system to grow very quickly and also improve the amount of nutrient taken up, through the roots.

From: 10.50

Canna Rhizotonicmore

Canna Bio Rhizotonic

Canna Bio Rhizotonic is a 100% organic vegetable based root stimulator, used for seedlings, cuttings and poorly developed young plants. Canna Bio Rhizotonic can be applied to any organic soil and coco media and it can also be used as a foliar feed, applied to the underside of your leaves in low light conditions.

From: 11.95

Canna Bio Rhizotonicmore

Canna Aktrivator

Canna Aktrivator granules contain Trichoderma, which colonise your plant root system to help stimulate the growth and root development of young rooted plants. Canna Aktrivator should be mixed in well with your soil or coco substrate before planting your recently rooted cuttings into the growing media.

From: 12.45

Canna Aktrivatormore

Bio Harvest Bio Stimulant

Bio Harvest Bio Stimulant is a 100% natural root growth promoter that is packed full of beneficial bacteria and is a great product for organic growing. The beneficial bacteria colonise your plants root zone to improve root growth, plant growth and health, giving them a great start in life.

From: 8.00

Bio Harvest Bio Stimulantmore

Plant Magic Plus Root Stimulant

Plant Magic Plus Root Stimulant greatly increases the biological activity in your plants root zone. This root stimulant will initiate rapid root growth with your young plants and will also assist with nutrient uptake as well. The use of this stimulant from an early stage, will lead to much bigger and stronger plants developing.

From: 9.85

Plant Magic Plus Root Stimulantmore

Plagron Power Roots

Plagron Power Roots can be simply described as astounding. This vitalising liquid will help promote much better and faster root development from your young plants that are grown in soil or coco and it is only applied to your growing media with the first watering each time you repot them, Power Roots really is that good.

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Biobizz Root Juice

Biobizz Root Juice is a powerful root stimulator that can be used up until the flowering period of your plants. Biobizz Root Juice activates and stimulates the micro-organic life around the root system and generates explosive root growth. Biobizz Root Juice is suitable to be used with all types of growing media.

From: 10.25

Biobizz Root Juicemore

Vitalink Bio Plus

Vitalink Bio Plus contains a mixture of natural plant hormones, vitamins and many beneficial microbes that will help to incredibly increase the root mass and root health of your young plants. Vitalink Bio Plus will also help to protect your plants delicate root systems against attacks from any nasty diseases.

From: 12.00

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These sterile disposable scalpels are very sharp, which makes them perfect for taking cuttings from your favourite plant. When you are taking cuttings from a donor plant it is essential to use a clean scalpel to give you that precise clean cut needed and also to provide your donor plant with very little tissue damage.

From: 1.00


Plant Cloche

These high quality plastic plant cloches allow growers to keep humidity levels high while raising young seedlings or cuttings. They can be pinned to the ground for outdoor use and placed on large pots indoors. A vent is fitted on the dome to control the levels of humidity inside.

From: 3.50

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