Canna Terra Nutrients

Canna Terra Nutrients
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Canna Terra nutrients need no introduction, these highly regarded one part soil nutrients have been around for many years and have become a trusted nutrient to partner with any soil you may wish to use.

Canna Terra Vega provides your plants with all the critical elements they will need to grow fast and develop lush dense green foliage with thick stems and when you have switched your plants into the flowering cycle and you can see the flowers starting to form you can switch to Canna Terra Flores to provide your plants with a good dose of phosphorus and potassium, which they will need in large amounts during this period.

An additional boost can be applied during your plants flowering and we highly recommend a splash of Canna PK to help them on their way to a bumper harvest.

How To Use
Terra Vega (Grow) - Add 5ml per litre of water.

Terra Flores (Flower) - Add 5ml per litre of water.

5.8 - 6.2 PH

G1517  Canna Terra Vega - Grow 1 litre 10.85
G1518  Canna Terra Vega - Grow 5 litre 32.00
G1519  Canna Terra Vega - Grow 10 litre 52.75
G1520  Canna Terra Flores - Flower 1 litre 10.85
G1521  Canna Terra Flores - Flower 5 litre 32.00
G1522  Canna Terra Flores - Flower 10 litre 52.75

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