NFT GT205 250w Starter Kit

NFT GT205 250w Starter Kit
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If you wish to grow with hydroponics at home and require the basic items to get you started, take a look at this fantastic NFT GT205 250w Starter Kit.

This Home Hydroponics kit has all you need to get growing and once you have mastered the basics, you can then add more items to your hydroponics grow room.

A propagator and Rockwool blocks are provided to get your plants off to a great start in the correct humid environment they will require and once rooted well they can be transplanted into the NFT system provided. The NFT GT205 system allows you to grow up to four small plants or two large plants with 250w of light blasting over them. The Powerplant 250w light kit is supplied a Powerstar contactor and Grasslin timer to control the switching of your lights on and off periods safely and a set of Eazi Roll's makes adjusting the reflector up and down to suit your plants canopy, very easy.

You are also given the choice between the Canna range of nutrients and additives or Plant Magic Plus and both sets are provided with a root a stimulator for the beginning stage of your plants cycle and also a boost for the final stages of your plants cycle, to help you to achieve the best results from your indoor home hydroponics garden.

NFT GT205 250w Starter Kit Includes:
1 x NFT GT205 Complete Kit

1 x Propagator

24 x Grodan Rockwool Plugs

8 x Grodan Rockwool Blocks

1 x PH Down 250ml

1 x PH Manual Test Kit

1 x Pipette 5ml

1 x Syringe 10ml

1 x Powerplant 250w Light Kit

1 x Set of Eazi Roll Hangers

1 x Powerstar 1 way Contactor

2 x Grasslin 15 Minute Timer

2 x Black White Sheet - metre

with either

1 x Canna Rhizotonic 250ml

1 x Canna Aqua Vega - Grow 2 litre

1 x Canna Aqua Flores - Flower 2 litre

1 x Canna PK13/14 250ml

1 x Canna Flush 250ml


1 x Plant Magic Root Stimulator 500ml

1 x Plant Magic Hydro - Grow 2 litre

1 x Plant Magic Hydro - Flower 2 litre

1 x Plant Magic Bloom Boost 500ml

1 x Plant Magic Flush 1 litre

G1205  NFT GT205 250w Starter Kit - Canna Nutrients 224.00
G1206  NFT GT205 250w Starter Kit - Plant Magic Nutrients S/W 226.00
G1207  NFT GT205 250w Starter Kit - Plant Magic Nutrients H/W 226.00

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