Hailea V Series Air Pumps

Hailea V Series Air Pumps
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If you wish to run several air stones from one main air pump to aerate a large amount of water, you will need to use a Hailea V Series Air Pump.

Hailea V Series air pumps are manufactured to a very high standard and they work extremely well at delivering plenty of bubbles into your water, to provide higher oxygen levels. These are great for large hydroponic tanks and also for large aquariums to maintain a regular supply of fresh oxygen into the water to keep your fish alive.

Hailea V Series air pumps are metal cased for quiet running and they have rubber feet fitted to prevent any vibration on the surface they are placed on. These air pumps are designed to run several air stones or air curtains and they are all supplied with a manifold, to allow you to do this easily.

These air pumps are a perfect combination for a DIY DWC system, allowing you to branch your air line off to multiple pots.

If you intend to run your air pump on a timer it is best to elevate the air pump above the level of solution, as it can syphon the water from the tank or aquarium if it is below the level of solution and the air pump is turned off.

Air Flow & Power Rating

V10 Air Pump 4 Outlet - 10 l/pm - 10 watt

V20 Air Pump 4 Outlet - 20 l/pm - 15 watt

V30 Air Pump 6 Outlet - 30 l/pm - 25 watt

V60 Air Pump 10 Outlet - 60 l/pm - 35 watt

G2135  Hailea V10 Air Pump 28.00
G2116  Hailea V20 Air Pump 32.00
G2117  Hailea V30 Air Pump 38.00
G2118  Hailea V60 Air Pump 48.00

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