Aeroponics 105 Site Propagator

Aeroponics 105 Site Propagator
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The X-Stream Aeroponics Propagator is our largest propagation unit that is capable of supporting 105 of your favourite plant cuttings, until they develop their roots.

The X-Stream Aeroponics Propagator requires no growing media as it is supplied with 2" mesh pots and neoprene collars to hold and support your cuttings. This allows the base of the cuttings to hang freely below for the solution that is sprayed to cover them.

The solution is stored in the 70-litre tank and a Maxi Jet MJ pump delivers it through the irrigation header to several misters that are placed just below your mesh pots. The solution will cover all the mesh pots in the system allowing you to have a very high success rate when using this aeroponics propagator.

You can use Grodan SBS cubes, Root riots or Jiffy plugs in this system, but we recommend the use of the neoprene collars that are provided, the system is meant for aeroponics and your cuttings will root quicker in these and then they can be transplanted into any growing media or hydroponic system.

Simply opening or closing the large vents in the lid of the propagator will help you to control the temperature and humidity levels inside for the stage of your plants and as soon as a good root system is visible they can be removed from the collars and planted on.

Top Tip
The X-Stream works extremely well with a T5 four foot lighting unit hung above, providing your cuttings with the perfect amount of light for them to flourish.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 48 x 115 x 63cm

G1706  Aeroponics 105 Site Propagator - Complete 144.95
G1707  Aeroponics 105 Site Propagator - Correx 7.80
G1708  Aeroponics 105 Site Propagator - Irrigation System 11.50

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