Growing Media

Growing Media

Your growing media is designed to support your plants and allow the root system to grow within. Hydroponics growing media is inert, containing no nutritional content and it will require a regular supply of nutrients right from the beginning and also coco coir contains no nutritional content as well. However some soils can contain various levels of nutrients which allow you to just simply water them to begin and feed later. We stock only the finest growing media for hydroponics, soil and coco cultivation.

Jiffy Peat Pellets

Jiffy peat pellets are compressed peat surrounded in a biodegradable mesh. Simply place Jiffy peat pellets into some water to soak and watch them quickly swell. Jiffy's are great for seeds or cuttings and are mainly used for soil cultivation but they can also be used for many different hydroponics systems as well.

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Root Riot

Root Riot propagation cubes are made from various organic materials and they contain micronutrients to initiate fast root development. Root Riot's are also fully biodegradable and are great to use for your seeds or cuttings, once rooted they can then be planted into a hydroponic system, some soil or even coco.

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Rockwool Propagation Cubes

These Grodan Rockwool propagation cubes can be used to raise seeds or cuttings in. Once a good root system is established they can be planted into large hole Rockwool grow blocks or clay pebbles. These 24 propagation cubes are packed into a tray with drainage to hold and support them inside your propagator.

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Grodan Rockwool SBS Cubes

These Grodan Rockwool SBS cubes are supplied in a tray of 77 and they are suitable to use with our Grodan 3" and 4" grow blocks. These SBS cubes should be pre-soaked in an acidic solution of about 5.5 PH for 24 hours before using them, then you can place your seeds or cuttings into their small central hole.

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Grodan Rockwool Grow Blocks

Grodan Rockwool grow blocks are used mainly for NFT and flood and drain hydroponic systems but they can also be used for many other methods of growing as well. Grodan grow blocks are available by the box or individually in 3" or 4" blocks with 40mm insert holes to fit SBS cubes, jiffy peat pellets or Root Riot's.

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Grodan Rockwool Hugo Blocks

Grodan's Rockwool Hugo blocks are their answer to a pot. Hugo blocks are 6" square and they can be used alone when hand feeding your plant or they can be used with many different active hydroponic systems to grow very large plants. Hugo blocks will fit SBS 40mm cubes, jiffy peat pellets and Root Riot's.

From: 2.25

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Grodan Rockwool Vital Slabs

Grodan Rockwool Vital slabs are used worldwide for many different horticulture projects. These slabs fit into Aquatrays which are great for DIY systems and they can be used to grow several plants per slab to full maturity and harvest, so you may only need a few to make up your own top feed hydroponic drip system.

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Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme

Soil supreme is a unique blend from Plant Magic Plus that is just amazing. It is packed full of sphagnum peat, fytocell foam chunks and an organic growth stimulant is added, which is a great food source for beneficial fungi and micro-organisms to develop with. This soil has now become very popular in the UK.

From: 11.00

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Canna Terra Professional Plus

Canna Terra Professional Plus is a great soil mix with a complex blend of peats and added nutrients to aid in rapid root development and plant growth. Canna Terra Professional Plus soil is great for your potted plants that are grown and fed by hand and it is also good for drip systems, like the Wilma Pot Systems.

From: 14.95

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Canna Bio Terra Professional Plus

Canna Bio Terra Professional Plus is made from 100% natural materials and is an excellent choice for organic plant cultivation. This organic soil is so light and airy your roots and plants develop very quickly. We recommend you use this soil with the Canna Bio range of nutrients and additives for the best organic results.

From: 13.95

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Canna Coco Professional Plus

Canna Coco Professional Plus has the RHP certification and it also contains trichoderma, a beneficial bacteria that colonises the roots and helps protect your plants against disease. Canna Coco is an excellent choice for growing indoors and when used with Canna coco nutrients, the results can certainly be amazing.

From: 12.50

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Plagron Light Mix

Plagron Light Mix is our favourite soil and also our customers and thats not just because of the price. It has only a small amount of nutrients added into the mix and this makes it a perfect potting soil for those who wish to fertilize their plants according to their own judgement and choices, we highly recommend it.

From: 9.75

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Plagron Royal Mix

Plagron Royal Mix contains a carefully selected combination of organic fertilizers, which meet all the plants nutritional requirements throughout the complete cycle. This soil is great for those who wish to water their plants and only use additional feeding with nutrients or additives if it is required by the plants.

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Plagron Bat Mix

Plagron Bat Mix is highly fertilised to meet the needs of your plants throughout their complete cycle, it also has bat guano added as well which is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium and helps to guarantee abundant growth with any flowers or fruits that are developing on your plants for a much better yield.

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Plagron Cocos Premium

Plagron Cocos Premium has become very popular with coco growers as it's a perfect growing media for all types of plants. Plagron Cocos Premium has an airy 100% organic substrate that ensures your roots and plants will flourish and produce the best yield possible, especially when partnered with Plagron Cocos nutrients.

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Biobizz Light Mix

Biobizz Light Mix is a lightly fertilized soil that is ideal for organic growers who want to have total control over the feeding process through applying their own liquid fertilizers. Biobizz Light Mix is also great to raise your seedlings or cuttings in and when they are established they can be transplanted into Biobizz All Mix.

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Biobizz All Mix

Biobizz All Mix is a highly fertilized organic soil developed especially for indoor organic cultivation, but it can also be used outodoors as well. Biobizz All Mix can be used for the plants complete cycle and if additional feeding is required then we recommend you use the Biobizz range of nutrients and additives.

From: 6.25

Biobizz All Mixmore

Clay Pebbles

Clay pebbles are great for hydroponics and they can be used in many different systems like flood and drain or top feed drip systems. Clay pebbles can also be mixed with soil or coco to provide better drainage and more air to the roots. A round uniform shape measuring 8-16mm in size, the perfect balls for growing in.

From: 5.50

Clay Pebblesmore


Perlite is a great growing media that is made from natural rock that is crushed and heated to nearly 1000 degrees Celsius. Perlite is a light, coarse growing media that offers good aeration properties and holds water very well and it can be used for hydroponics alone or mixed with any soil or coco peat.

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