House & Garden Roots Excelurator

House & Garden Roots Excelurator
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House and Garden Roots Excelurator is known to be the best stimulant there is to help your plants develop an excellent root mass from a very early age.

House and Garden developed this root stimulant to maximise the production of secondary roots and hairs to develop fast and they certainly do. Roots Excelurator not only works as a root stimulant but it also reduces any dead root material in your media to make way for new roots to form.

House and Garden Roots Excelurator is derived from humic acids, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid and potassium hydroxide. It is a powerful cocktail that can be used for any method of indoor cultivation, hydroponics, soil or coco and only for the first five weeks of your plants cycle.

You may think this product is pricy, but when you see the results you will never question it again.

How To Use
Add 3ml per 10 litres of water and use for the first five weeks only.

G1740  House & Garden Roots Excelurator - 250ml 34.95
G1741  House & Garden Roots Excelurator - 500ml 54.95

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