E40 Ceramic Lamp Socket

E40 Ceramic Lamp Socket
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If you have unfortunately broken your E40 Ceramic Lamp Socket on your lighting reflector, don't panic you can replace it with one of these to save buying a new reflector.

A live and neutral slot is on the E40 Ceramic Lamp Socket and the earth wire should be connected directly to your HID reflector.

If in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

Top Tip
These E40 Ceramic Lamp Holders can also be used to light up 125w or 250w compact fluorescent lamps. As CFL's have integral ballasts fitted, you can simply wire a plug and an E40 socket together to supply the power to your CF lamps, great for DIY grow rooms that want to use compact fluorescent lighting.

G1923  E40 Ceramic Lamp Socket 5.00

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