Maxibright Propagation Lights

Maxibright Propagation Lights
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Maxibright PL2 and PL4 propagation lights are a strong, well manufactured fluorescent lighting unit for raising seedlings, cuttings and young plants under.

Maxibright propagation lights are supplied with 55w compact fluorescent tubes in a blue spectrum, which is perfect for this period of your plants cycle and they create very little heat, allowing the units to be placed close to the top of your plants canopy or propagator.

The main body of the reflectors is finished in white with an internal reflector made from hammered anodised aluminium, for the highest reflectivity. Strong hanging eyes are fitted allowing the units to be hung easily and a four metre cable with plug is also fitted to the units.

The small unit uses two lamps which delivers 110w of light and mounts perfectly over a small or medium size propagator. The larger unit uses four lamps, which delivers 220w of light and this size unit is perfect to use over a large propagator.

Blue spectrum 55w lamps are supplied with each unit.

G1880  Maxibright Propagation Lights - 110w 50.00
G1881  Maxibright Propagation Lights - 220w - OUT OF STOCK 90.00

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