Pyrethrum 5EC Organic Insecticide

Pyrethrum 5EC Organic Insecticide
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Pyrethrum 5EC is a natural organic insecticide that can be used on all types of edible and non-edible plants to eliminate infestations of aphids (Blackfly or Greenfly), whitefly, caterpillars and red spider mites.

Pyrethrum 5EC should be applied to your plants at the first signs of pests settling on your crop. It should be applied to the foliage and infected areas with a sprayer, in low light conditions or just before your grow lights are due to turn off. Ensure there is an adequate amount applied to the foliage to the point where the solution runs off the leaves.

Pyrethreum 5EC can be applied once a week as a preventative measure and if infected it can be used twice weekly to help control the problem. You can aslo use Pyrethrum right up until 2-3 days before harvest without any residue or taste being left behind.

How To Use
Add 4ml per litre of water and apply to the foliage with a spray gun in low light conditions.

G2409  Pyrethrum 5EC Organic Insecticide - 250ml 29.50

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