Aero 4 Potz System

Aero 4 Potz System
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The Aero 4 Potz aeroponics system is the ultimate unit for growing your plants aeroponically, a method of plant cultivation that pushes them to their limits.

The Aero 4 Potz stores your nutrient solution in the main tank which is aerated by an air pump and stone. The main delivery pump is placed inside the tank and it is connected to an Ecotechnics minute timer and Grasslin segmental timer to control the feed times with far more precision. The nutrient solution is pumped through the delivery pipes when the timers turn on and it is delivered into the top of each Aero Potz and emitted through two inverted sprinklers to cover the roots that are suspended from the mesh pot below. The design of the inverted delivery system also prevents any entanglement with your plant roots.

Once the excess nutrient solution has fallen to the bottom it will drain from the inner potz through small holes and enter the outer potz which has a drain gland fitted with drain pipes inserted, which are covered internally with a filter to prevent any roots entering the drain pipes and blocking them. The excess solution will then run into the Header Return Potz which has a float switch and pump fitted inside that is connected to an electrical box on the outside. As the excess solution fills the Header Return Potz and lifts the float switch the pump will automatically turn on and remove the excess from the system. The nutrient solution can be re-circulated back into the main tank for later use, or if preferred you can simply remove the return pipe and place it into another tank and run it to waste.

The Aero 4 Potz requires very little growing media to be used, saving you a small fortune in the long run. A propagation plug can be used to raise your plants, Jiffy's, Root Riot or Rockwool plugs and once established place them in the mesh pots with a few clay pebbles around the edge to support them.

The Aero 4 Potz is supplied complete with a 100 litre tank and an Ecotechnics minute timer and Grasslin plug timer.

Dimensions including tank: 1.5 x 1 metre

Watch a video of setting up an Aero Potz System.

G0100  Aero 4 Potz System 375.00

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