Canna Start Nutrient

Canna Start Nutrient
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Young seedlings and cuttings require feeding but with a much milder dose of nutrients, so Canna developed Start especially for this stage.

Canna Start is a fully balanced one part nutrient that is designed to be used with seedlings and recently rooted cuttings, and it can be used with any type of growing media or aeroponic propagation system.

Canna Start gives your young plants all the micro and macro nutritional elements they require to develop into strong healthy, lush green plants, before you re-pot them or place them into a hydroponics system and apply a stronger nutrient.

How To Use
Add 4ml per litre of water and set the PH level at 5.2 - 6.2

G1502  Canna Start - 500 ml 6.65
G1503  Canna Start - 1 litre 9.75
G1504  Canna Start - 5 litre 39.99

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