Round Plant Pots

Round Plant Pots
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We stock a variety of round plant pots for hydroponics or soil cultivation.

These heavy duty black plastic pots all have good drainage holes and they provide the perfect container for your growing media and plant roots. Plant pot saucers can be used with round pots, which will allow your plants to be fed separately and turned easily in your grow room to benefit from the light source.

Manufactured from recycled materials, these round plant pots will last for many years.

Dimensions - Diameter x Depth:

7.5 litre - 26 x 21cm

10 litre - 27 x 24cm

13.5 litre - 30 x 27cm

20 litre - 38 x 26cm

30 litre - 43 x 30cm

G0906  Round Plant Pot - 7.5 litre 1.70
G0907  Round Plant Pot - 10 litre 1.95
G0908  Round Plant Pot - 13.5 litre 2.20
G0909  Round Plant Pot - 20 litre 2.50
G0910  Round Plant Pot + Handles - 30 litre 3.75

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