Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon

Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon
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Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon is a specially formulated silicate product for soil cultivation.

Bio Silicon contains a unique blend of humic and silicate to ensure optimum availability to your plants and as silicon is not easily available from the soil, using this special blend will ensure that your crop benefits from many aspects that silicate provides.

Bio Silicon will strengthen the cell walls of your plants which results in improved photosynthetic activity. Bio Silicon will also increase your plants resistance to pathogenic fungi, diseases and pests and your plants will be much more tolerant to high temperatures.

If you wish to grow lush green healthy plants that yield well, add some Bio Silicon into the mix and your crop will reward you for it.

How To Use
Add 1ml - 1.5ml per litre of water and use with every watering up until a week before harvest.

Foliar - Add 1-2ml per litre of water and apply in low light conditions or just before your lights turn off.

G1640  Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon - 125ml 5.95
G1641  Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon - 250ml 9.50
G1642  Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon - 1 litre 28.50

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