Stackable Mesh Dry Racks

Stackable Mesh Dry Racks
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These stackable mesh dry racks are great for growers who are growing crops that may require storing or drying before they are used.

The frames of the mesh racks can mount onto the top of another rack to create a higher storage unit if required and make optimum use of the space. The cotton mesh has many fine holes to also allow air to flow through and prevent any fungal infections or rot from forming on your crops whilst you are drying or storing them.

If you require an enclosure to place these racks into to make a drying room, a Secret Jardin DS60 grow tent can be used and will hold up to 8 racks stacked with room for your extraction system above.

Dimensions: (h,w,d) 15 x 59 x 59cm

G2704  Stackable Mesh Dry Rack 6.50

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