Grow Tent Fittings

Grow Tent Fittings
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If you are unfortunate enough to break or lose a fitting from your grow tent, don't panic as these strong plastic grow tent fittings can be used to replace any broken or lost pieces.

These fittings are suitable to use with most grow tents, Secret Jardin, Homebox, Budbox and a few others, but they are not suitable to use with The Green Room range of grow tents as the poles used for their frames are 28mm in diameter.

You can also use these grow tent fittings to create your own DIY grow tent to suit your space. Using 15mm diameter poles you can make a frame to your desired size and then cover it with our Megalux grow room reflective sheeting, last of all you can cut a hole for your access to your plants and hey presto a grow room built on a budget.

G1006  Grow Tent Fittings - 3 Way 3.00
G1007  Grow Tent Fittings - 4 Way 3.00

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