Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Compact Fluorescent Lamps
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If you wish to set up an indoor hydroponic grow room but you are concerned with the temperatures that HID lighting can create, dont panic as these compact fluorescent lamps will run a lot cooler and they are great for small grow rooms and tents.

Compact fluorescent lamps have an integral ballast fitted which makes them suitable to run without any additional ballast required, just a normal plug timer can be used to control the on and off periods.

These lamps can be hung vertically in amongst your plants for additional lighting with an E40 ceramic lamp holder that has a cable and plug fitted, or they can be hung horizontally in a suitable reflector that has a mains plug fitted to cover your plants from above.

These energy efficient lamps can last for up to 10,000 hours and with the low temperatures they emit, they can be positioned a lot closer to your plants.

Blue 125w & 250w - 6400k - Vegetative Period

Red 125w & 250w - 2700k - Flowering Period

Top Tip
When fitting your lamp into a holder, make sure you hold the lamp at the top to screw it in the holder and not by the glass, as it is very fragile.

G1853  Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 125w Blue 19.45
G1854  Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 125w Red 19.45
G1855  Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 250w Blue 39.95
G1856  Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 250w Red 39.95

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