Canna Aktrivator

Canna Aktrivator
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Canna Aktrivator is packed full of friendly fungi that are beneficial to young plants that are being re-potted and especially their root systems.

Canna Aktrivator powder contains trichoderma harzianum, which is scientifically proven to have an effect on your plants. It helps to stimulate the root environment, producing more root hairs and an increased excretion of enzymes and hormones and as a result of this, your plants will gain more vitality and they will develop much quicker and better.

The use of Canna Aktrivator also greatly reduces the risk of other negative moulds and micro-organisms from forming in your media and around your roots, making an exceptional environment for the roots to thrive.

How To Use
Canna Aktrivator is diluted and applied to your soil when you are potting on young rooted plants from the propagation stage.

Dissolve 1 gram per litre of water to treat approximately 30 plants.

G1727  Canna Aktrivator - 10g 12.45

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