Essentials EC PH Meters & Buffers

Essentials EC PH Meters & Buffers
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When growing hydroponically it is essential to manage and maintain the correct EC and PH levels in your solution for your plants to obtain and uptake as much of the nutrients that are supplied in the water.

This Essentials discount deal offers you all the tools you need for testing your solution and also calibrating your meters on a regular basis.

An Essentials EC Meter is supplied for you to test the strength of the nutrients that you have added into the water and the EC Standard is used to calibrate this meter.

An Essentials PH Meter is supplied for you to test the PH level in your solution and Buffers 4 and 7 are supplied for you to calibrate the meter regularly.

Take away the guessing and make sure your levels are accurately read and maintained with these professional and reliable meters.

Essentials EC PH Meters & Buffers Includes:
1 x Essentials EC Meter
1 x EC 2.76 Standard Solution 250ml
1 x Essentials PH Meter
1 x PH 4 Buffer 250ml
1 x PH 7 Buffer 250ml

G1303  Essentials EC PH Meters & Buffers 90.00

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