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If you want to increase the yield, aroma and taste from your home grown crops, we recommend you add Liquid Guanokalong into your water supply, a special formula which is rich in phosphorus.

Liquid Guanokalong is an extract from bat manure that is used as an additive with any base nutrient, grow and bloom formula and it can also be used with any type of growing media and any type of hydroponic system.

Liquid Guanokalong provides an acceleration of the root structure in young plants and it also increases the plants resistance towards bad bacteria. When you flower your plants with Guanokalong added to your nutrient solution, the results will be quite amazing. A much denser formation of fruits that are larger and smell sweeter than ever before will have formed, making you lick your lips and dive in to grow more.

How To Use
Liquid Guanokalong should only be added once a week to your main water supply.

Add at the rate of 10 - 30 ml per litre of water, depending on the stage and size of your plants.

G1666  Guanokalong - 1 litre 9.25
G1667  Guanokalong - 5 litre 27.50

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