Bud Rot Stop

Bud Rot Stop
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Bud Rot Stop is a great foliar product that is applied to plants that are in the process of bearing large flowers or fruits, to help to protect them from Botrytis forming in amongst the dense formation of flowers.

Bud Rot Stop not only prevents Botrytis forming it also combats Botrytis and will help to destroy existing infections and restore your plants back to their full health. It works by forcing the Botrytis spores to germinate quickly and then it destroys them as they form.

You should always keep a bottle of Bud Rot Stop in your growroom just incase, as Botrytis can spread quickly and ruin an entire crop.

How To Use
Add 15 - 20ml per litre of water and apply to your plants foliage until it runs off the leaves, just before your lights are due to turn off.

As a preventative start from week 4 of flowering period and use every 5-7 days.

G2508  Bud Rot Stop - 250ml 14.50

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