Secret Jardin Dark Street DS90

Secret Jardin Dark Street DS90
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The Secret Jardin DS90 grow tent provides you with an enclosure that is suitable to use with either compact fluorescent lamps or HID lighting. You can fit a Wilma 4 Pot into the tent to raise your plants automatically or you could just use some pots and saucers and hand feed the plants yourself.

Secret Jardin DS90 grow tents are now lined with 95% reflective hammered effect Mylar fabric, which increases the light intensity inside the tent and bounces it all around and back towards your plants. They are fitted with a single inlet hole with a sleeve and drawstrings, fitted at the base of one side for you to be able to supply fresh air to your plants inside and there is also a single outlet hole fitted at the top to allow you to run your extraction ducting up and out of the tent to expel all of the hot stale air that is produced inside.

There is also a smaller hole at the top of the tent for you to run your cables through to prevent them from laying across your plants and top cross bars are also provided to allow you to easily hang your grow light and extraction system safely and securely and with the zip closed the Secret Jardin DS90 grow tent will certainly conceal all of the bright light inside.

Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 160cm.

G1009  Secret Jardin Dark Street DS90 Grow Tent 89.99

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