Plant Magic Plus Evolution

Plant Magic Plus Evolution
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Plant Magic Plus Evolution is a ready to use formula that needs no diluting and is applied to your plants as a foliar spray. Evolution is a complex formula containing a vast range of bio stimulants, natural plant hormones, Polysaccharide sugars, a wealth of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and of course fulvic and humic acids.

Plant Magic Plus Evolution will significantly speed up your plants in the vegetative stages and gear them ready to help form many more flowers and fruits. This is due predominantly, to the sheer amount of new growth that develops and the number of healthy new shoots that form.

Evolution helps to improve photosynthesis, increase rapid vertical growth, maintain healthier plants with an improved root structure and provide more sites for flowers and fruits to form.

Evolution can be used on plants grown with any cultivation scheme, as it is a foliar application.

How To Use

Spray Evolution once a week onto your plants foliage until it runs off from the leaves. Apply under low light conditions or just before your lights are due to turn off. Use weekly during the vegetative stage, right through until day 14 of the flowering cycle.

G1683  Plant Magic Plus Evolution - 125ml 4.95
G1684  Plant Magic Plus Evolution - 500ml 9.95
G1685  Plant Magic Plus Evolution - 1 litre 17.95
G1686  Plant Magic Plus Evolution - 5 litre 59.95

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