EC, PH Meters & Solutions

EC, PH Meters & Solutions

When growing with hydroponics it is necessary to maintain your nutrient solution to the correct PH and EC levels, for your plants to obtain all of the nutrients that you have supplied in the water. An incorrect PH will affect the roots absorption of the nutrients and if it is too far out, your plants may receive none. An incorrect EC can be fatal, if it is to low or to high your plants will suffer and may die. A quality PH and EC meter will take away any guess work and allow your plants to perform at their best.

Bluelab PH Meter

The Bluelab PH meter is a handheld, lightweight and portable unit, that is used to accurately measure the PH value of your nutrient solution. Just simply turn the meter on and place the PH probe into the nutrient solution and immediately the PH value will be displayed on the large screen for you to easily read it.

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Bluelab PH Pen

The Bluelab PH pen accurately measures the PH level in your nutrient solution and also the temperature, enabling you to keep your solution at the optimum level so that your plants can maximise their nutrient uptake and thrive. A compact pen that displays the Ph level and water tempreature on an LCD backlit screen.

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Bluelab EC Pen

The Bluelab EC pen accurately measures the water temperature and the electrical conductivity that flows through the water when you have added the nutrients. This tells you exactly how strong the feed is, that is available to your plants. This pen is fully waterproof and has a clear backlit LCD screen to make viewing easier.

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Bluelab EC Truncheon

The Bluelab EC truncheon is the most popular, easy to use meter. This super tough high quality design is fully waterproof, requires no calibration and has no buttons to turn it on or off, you simply place the truncheon into your nutrient solution, it automatically turns on, displays the EC level, then turns off.

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Bluelab Combo Meter

The Bluelab Combo Meter is a very professional piece of kit and is all you need for simple and reliable crop management. This combo meter is an all in one conductivity (EC), PH and temperature meter that displays your readings on a large screen and the unit has a simple push button PH calibration.

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor

The Bluelab Guardian monitors your solutions EC, PH and temperature levels 24 hours a day and it has the ability for you to set high and low targets that triggers a silent alarm flashing to let you know when a parameter has been reached and your nutrient solution needs some adjustments to be made.

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Bluelab PH Probe

The Bluelab PH probe can be used to replace any worn or broken probes on your Bluelab product and it will fit all their units, PH meter, Combo meter and the Guardian monitor. The Bluelab PH probe is fitted with a 2 metre connection cable as standard and it simply click fits onto your existing PH testing unit.

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Essentials PH Meter

The Essentials PH meter is a most reliable unit for testing the value of your PH level. Simply turn it on and place it into your solution and a reading will be displayed clearly for you to view, then turn it off for storing. This meter requires calibrating and should be done regularly to ensure accurate readings are given.

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Essentials EC Meter

The Essentials EC meter is a very reliable unit for testing the strength of your nutrient solution, to verify it is at the correct optimum level for your plants to thrive. This EC meter holds and displays the reading on a large screen in 0.1 levels to provide you with an accurate level of strength in your solution.

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PH Manual Test Kit

PH manual test kits are great for testing your PH level in your nutrient solution. Simply take 1ml of your solution when it is mixed and pour it into the small tube, then add a drop of the re-agent into the tube and shake well. You can now match the colour of the solution to the colours on the card to determine the PH level.

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Canna Organic PH Down

Canna Organic PH Down is used to lower the PH value in an organic nutrient solution. A great organic product that every organic grower should be using as it is made from citric acids only and does not contain any harmful nitric or phosphoric acids that are not really suitable for use with organic nutrients.

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Canna PH Down

Canna PH Down is used in small amounts to adjust and lower the PH level in your nutrient solution to the correct optimum level, for your plants to obtain all the nutrients that you have supplied in the water. Canna PH Down is made from nitric acid for the growth stage and phosphoric acid for the flowering stage.

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Canna PH Up

Canna PH Up is used in very small amounts to raise the PH value of your nutrient solution to the correct optimum level for your plants to uptake all of the nutrients that are available. Canna PH Up is used for both the growing and flowering stages to adjust and raise your PH levels in your nutrient solution.

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Hydroponics PH Up

Growth Technology's Hydroponics PH up contains potassium hydroxide at 25% and is used very carefully to raise the PH value of your nutrient solution. Add in very small quantities to your mixed nutrient solution and test your levels as you go, until your desired PH value in your solution has been reached.

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Hydroponics PH Down

Growth Technology's Hydroponics PH Down contains 81% Orthosphoric acid and is used to lower the PH value of your nutrient solution. This is our most popular PH down used by our customers and great care should be taken when working with this product, eye protection and gloves should be worn just incase.

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PH Buffer 4 & 7 Solution

PH Buffer solutions of a known and fixed PH are used to calibrate your PH meters easily and should be done on a regular basis to ensure ongoing accuracy from your meter. Use PH Buffer 7 first to calibrate your meter to neutral and then use PH Buffer 4 to calibrate your meter and provide far more accuracy.

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EC Calibration Solution

This EC Calibration Solution is a fixed solution at 2.76 for calibrating EC meters, which should be done on a regular basis to ensure ongoing accuracy from your meter. Turn on your meter and dip the probe into some solution and press the calibrate button, then rinse of the meter when done and discard the used solution.

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PH Probe Refill & Storage

PH Probe Refill and Storage solution should be used to store the probes on your PH meters when they are not in use. Storing your probes in this solution will help to prevent any accumulation of salt deposits from forming on your meters probes and will help prolong the accuracy and life span of your PH meter.

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PH Probe Cleaning Solution

PH Probe Cleaning Solution is great for cleaning any unwanted salt deposits and any other accumulations that have gathered on your meters probes. Simply pour some probe cleaning solution into a small container and place your meter in ensuring the solution covers the probes to quickly and efficiently clean them.

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