Aero Potz Systems

Aero Potz Systems

Aero Potz aeroponics systems are designed for one thing only and that is to maximise your crops potential. These systems allow all your plant roots to be totally suspended in the air and sprayed directly with a nutrient rich solution, at minute timed intervals. Excess nutrient solution can drain through special filters that stop roots entering the drain pipes and it can then run freely into the Header Return Potz to re-circulate back into the main tank, or if desired it can be run to waste into another tank or drain.

Aero 4 Potz System

The Aero 4 Potz system is designed for the hobby grower and it can fit neatly into a 1.2 metre grow tent with the reservoir placed outside, using one 600w light to cover your 4 plants below. Extreme fast growth and yields are delivered with this system, even if you are a novice grower. Supplied with Ecotechnics minute timer.

From: 375.00

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Aero 8 Potz System

The Aero 8 Potz system can be housed in a 1.2 x 2.4 metre grow tent and requires at least two grow lights to cover your plants. This aeroponic system is designed to re-circulate the nutrient solution but it can be run to waste by simply moving the return pipe from the reservoir to another tank. Supplied with minute timer.

From: 435.00

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Aero 16 Potz System

The Aero 16 Potz system is complete with a 200 litre tank, air stone and pump, header return potz, 16 aero potz, feed pump, Grasslin 15 minute timer with an Ecotechnics minute timer for precise feeding control and the irrgation feed and drain lines already assembled, the system just requires fitting together.

From: 650.00

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Aero 24 Potz System

The Aero 24 Potz system is the ultimate aeroponic growing system designed to provide you with the biggest yields possible from your indoor garden. One pump delivers the nutrient solution directly to the roots of the plants that are suspended in the air absorbing all the water, nutrients and oxygen available.

From: 800.00

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Aero Potz Top Lid & Potz

These parts can be used to replace existing worn parts on your Potz System, or you can use them to create your very own aeroponic growing system. The outer Potz is supplied with a drain gland and the inner Potz is pre-drilled. The top lids just require a mesh pot, air filter and two micro sprinklers to deliver your solution.

From: 6.00

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Aero & Drip Header Return Potz

This Header Return Potz is fitted with a float switch and pump which is connected to an electrical box on the outside of the Potz, with a cable and plug for the mains. It can be used to connect to Aero and Drip Potz Systems to re-circulate your nutrient solution or you can run it to waste. Available with 2, 4 or 6 outlets.

From: 115.00

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Potz Systems Drain Fittings

These parts can be used to replace any lost or broken parts on your Potz System. The drain glands are provided with two washers and the filter inserts are used for Aero, DWC and Flood systems. The drain fittings are available in a T shape for connecting Potz together with pipe and an elbow for the last Potz of the system.

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