To gain respect in this industry you have to provide top quality products that are consistent with their results and the Plagron range of nutrients and additives along with their fertilised soils has certainly gained that respect from many growers who have used them.

Plagron Power Roots

Plagron Power Roots can be simply described as astounding. This vitalising liquid will help promote much better and faster root development from your young plants that are grown in soil or coco and it is only applied to your growing media with the first watering each time you repot them, Power Roots really is that good.

From: 13.50

Plagron Power Rootsmore

Plagron Pure Enzym

Plagron Pure Enzym will help to accelerate the breakdown of any dead root material in your soil and will also help to stimulate the microscopic life, to decrease the risk of any fungus and bad bacteria building up. Pure Enzym are a natural soil cleanser, that is used only for the first 5 weeks of your plants life cycle.

From: 7.95

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Plagron Alga Nutrients

Plagron Alga nutrients are a one part organic grow and bloom formula, that contains amino acids, trace elements and minerals. Plagron Alga organic nutrients are specially designed to be used with any organic soils and Plagron Alga nutrients can also be used to feed plants that are grown in coco coir fibres.

From: 9.95

Plagron Alga Nutrientsmore

Plagron Terra Nutrients

Plagron Terra nutrients are a one part formula, designed to be used with soil. Plagron Terra grow provides your plants with all they need to become big, strong and very green. Plagron Terra bloom contains essential elements critical for the flowering period to help deliver the best results possible from your garden.

From: 6.50

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Plagron Light Mix

Plagron Light Mix is our favourite soil and also our customers and thats not just because of the price. It has only a small amount of nutrients added into the mix and this makes it a perfect potting soil for those who wish to fertilize their plants according to their own judgement and choices, we highly recommend it.

From: 9.75

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Plagron Royal Mix

Plagron Royal Mix contains a carefully selected combination of organic fertilizers, which meet all the plants nutritional requirements throughout the complete cycle. This soil is great for those who wish to water their plants and only use additional feeding with nutrients or additives if it is required by the plants.

From: 13.95

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Plagron Bat Mix

Plagron Bat Mix is highly fertilised to meet the needs of your plants throughout their complete cycle, it also has bat guano added as well which is naturally rich in phosphorus and potassium and helps to guarantee abundant growth with any flowers or fruits that are developing on your plants for a much better yield.

From: 14.50

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Plagron Bat Guano

Plagron Bat Guano is a well balanced and very potent organic fertiliser that is highly rich in phosphorus. Plagron Bat Guano is a great flowering stimulator that can be sprinkled and mixed on top of your regular soil to increase the quality and yield from your plants. A great product to use when growing organically.

From: 7.50

Plagron Bat Guanomore

Plagron Cocos Nutrients

Plagron Cocos nutrients are becoming very popular in the UK. This two-part coco nutrient is a strong concentrate, bio-mineral liquid fertilizer that is used for both the growth and flowering stages of your plants. Plagron Cocos nutrients are highly recommended for use with Plagron Cocos Premium, a partnership for results.

From: 9.95

Plagron Cocos Nutrientsmore

Plagron Cocos Premium

Plagron Cocos Premium has become very popular with coco growers as it's a perfect growing media for all types of plants. Plagron Cocos Premium has an airy 100% organic substrate that ensures your roots and plants will flourish and produce the best yield possible, especially when partnered with Plagron Cocos nutrients.

From: 12.95

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Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Green Sensation is a powerful flowering stimulator and boost that is used during the last 4 to 6 weeks of your plants flowering cycle. Green Sensation helps to improve the size and taste with your fruits or colour and aroma with your flowers and is suitable to use with all substrates and hydroponics systems.

From: 30.50

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