Wall Spigot

Wall Spigot
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If you are constructing your hydroponics grow room yourself and you wish to connect your ducting to an outlet or inlet hole you have made to extract or supply air, the easiest way to do this is with a Wall Spigot fitted first.

A Wall Spigot is a very handy fitting that provides a ridge around the spigot that allows you to drill and fix it firmly into position. Once fixed, you can connect your ducting to the Wall Spigot with some tape or preferably a jubilee clip.

Top Tip
A line of mastic or no nails squirted around the rim of the Wall Spigot before it is fitted will ensure no air leaks into unwanted areas and it is directed exactly where you want it to go.

G20124  Wall Spigot - 4" (100mm) 1.95
G20125  Wall Spigot - 5" (125mm) 2.25
G20126  Wall Spigot - 6" (150mm) 2.95
G20127  Wall Spigot - 8" (200mm) 3.50
G20128  Wall Spigot - 10" (250mm) 4.25

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