Water Tanks

Water Tanks
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Growing indoors with hydroponics or soil requires large amounts of water to be stored and we have a great selection of Water Tanks suitable for the job.

These water tanks are made from recycled black plastic, moulded to shape in one piece to provide a secure container for storing your water. The thickness of the water tanks eliminates any light penetrating the water and turning it green with algae and it also provides extra strength to the sides to ensure they wont collapse and as they are of a low level design, these water tanks can be used for many different applications in your home or garden.

Length, width, depth

25 litre - 41 x 41 x 27cm

90 litre - 79 x 49 x 33cm

125 litre - 119 x 67 x 26cm

190 litre - 211 x 60 x 23cm

G0935  Water Tank 25 litre 10.00
G0919  Water Tank 90 litre 14.00
G0920  Water Tank 125 litre 45.00
G0921  Water Tank 190 litre 70.00

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