Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Green Sensation
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There are many flowering accelerators, stimulators and boosts available that help your plants to achieve the best results possible and Green Sensation is certainly one of them.

Plagron Green Sensation is a powerful flowering booster that eliminates the need for any other additives to be used, like PK 13/14, enzymes or any other accelerator. It is designed to be used during the last 4-6 weeks of the flowering stage along with your regular base nutrients. It will increase the yield from your crop and it will also dramatically increase the flavours from edible crops, due to much greater sugar formation within the plant.

This rich potent formula works well with all substrates, soil or coco and also with any type of hydroponic system.

How To Use
First add 1ml of Green Sensation per litre of water and then add your regular nutrients until the required EC level has been reached.

G1614  Plagron Green Sensation - 250ml 30.50
G1615  Plagron Green Sensation - 500ml 49.95
G1616  Plagron Green Sensation - 1 litre 85.00

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