DWC Potz Systems

DWC Potz Systems

DWC Potz are active re-circulating hydroponics deep water culture systems, designed to support your plants in the top of the grow pots, to allow all the roots to be suspended below into a deep nutrient rich solution, that is constantly bubbling and aerated with an air pump and stones. The nutrient solution is also drawn from each pot through special filters that are designed to stop any roots entering the pipes and it is then pumped and re-circulated around the system, providing much better results.

DWC 1 Potz System

This great little hydroponics DWC system is now available with or without the air pump and stones, with the drain tap also optional. This allows you to supply your own air system for just one DWC Potz or you can use a larger air pump with a manifold fitted to supply air to as many DWC Potz that you wish to use.

From: 15.00

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DWC 4 Potz System

The DWC 4 Potz system is one of our most popular active hydroponic systems for hobby growers as it fit's neatly inside a 1.2 grow tent with the reservoir placed outside, allowing the four DWC Potz to be spaced out nicely inside. System supplied complete with an air pump and stones for constantly aerating the nutrient solution.

From: 250.00

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DWC 6 Potz System

The DWC 6 Potz is our most popular size deep water system sold to hobby growers. It re-circulates the nutrient solution around inside permanently or at timed intervals and an air pump and stones supplied with the system will deliver the maximum amount of oxygen required for your plants to thrive in this great unit.

From: 300.00

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DWC 8 Potz System

The DWC 8 Potz system re-circulates your nutrient solution around the system from each grow potz and it can be drained back to the reservoir and refilled easily from the reservoir with the pumps that are provided. Adjustments to the nutrient solution can be made whilst the system is re-circulating, there's no need to drain it.

From: 350.00

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DWC 16 Potz System

The DWC 16 Potz system constantly aerates your nutrient solution with the air pump and stones provided. The 16 plants have a regular supply of water, nutrients and oxygen supplied to their roots and when the solution needs refreshing the system can be drained and refilled easily from the main reservoir.

From: 500.00

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DWC 24 Potz System

The DWC 24 Potz system is our largest active deep water culture system. The nutrient solution can be re-circulated constantly around the system or it can be timed and with special filters fitted inside each grow potz to prevent any roots entering the drain pipes and blocking them, its a sure winner for a good yield.

From: 650.00

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DWC Header Potz

This Header Potz is used for DWC Potz Systems and it is fitted with two or four drain glands to connect Potz to it with pipe and fittings and it also has three grommets fitted at the top to place pipes through to connect to pumps in the Header Potz or in the main reservoir to fill and drain the growing system easily.

From: 12.00

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DWC Potz Top Lid & Potz

These DWC Potz and top lids are ideal if you wish to make a deep water culture system for your grow room. The DWC Potz has two small holes at the top side of the Potz for air lines to easily fit through and it also has a drain gland fitted to connect it together with other DWC Potz. The top lid is punched for a 3 inch mesh pot.

From: 4.50

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