Flexible Silencers

Flexible Silencers
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If you sit in your home and can hear your ventilation running you may need the help of a silencer to reduce it.

These Flexible Silencers are connected to the outlet side of an inline fan and then installed into your ventilation system to assist in reducing the noise levels created from your fan.

As these silencers are flexible they can be bent to 90 degrees, allowing them to fit neatly into a corner or around a corner and they will stay in the position you place them in. An aluminium spigot is fitted at each end of the silencer for easy attachment to a fan or ducting and they are insulated with a 50mm bed of Rockwool mineral fibres. The inner metal sheet is perforated to allow the Rockwool to absorb any noise and the outer casing is also aluminium, making the silencer lightweight and easy to hang and support in your grow room.

Creating an indoor hydroponics garden is easy but keeping it quiet is often forgotten until it is too late and already built and running. The last thing you want to do is more work on your grow room whilst your plants are growing, so fit a silencer before you plant.

G2047  Flexible Silencer - 4" (100 x 1000mm) 28.95
G2048  Flexible Silencer - 5" (125 x 1000mm) 32.95
G2049  Flexible Silencer - 6" (150 x 1000mm) 39.95
G2050  Flexible Silencer - 8" (200 x 1000mm) 49.50
G2051  Flexible Silencer - 10" (250 x 1000mm) 54.95

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