Organic 1200w Grow Tent Kit

Organic 1200w Grow Tent Kit
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This organic 1200w grow tent kit offers you everything you will need to grow 100% organically and with a 10% discount on all the items that are included in the kit.

You have a choice from Canna or Biobizz organic nutrients to be supplied with this kit and you can also add or subtract any items you may wish to, just simply give us a call and we can make the adjustments to the kit and also the price and you will still receive a 10% discount on any items you may decide to add.

Organic 1200w Grow Tent Kit

1 x The Green Room GR240n Grow Tent
2 x Powerplant 600w Light Kit
1 x Powerstar Contactor 2 Way
1 x Grasslin 15 Minute Timer
2 x Eazi Roll Set
1 x Extraction Kit 6" L1
2 x Clip Fan
1 x Thermometer/Hygrometer
1 x Propagator
24 x Root Riot
18 x Square Pots 11 litre
18 x Pot Saucers
1 x Pipette 5ml
1 x Syringe 10ml
1 x Measuring Cup 60ml
1 x PH Manual Test Kit
1 x Canna Organic PH Down 1 litre

With Canna or Biobizz soil and nutrients

1 x Canna Bio Vega 1 litre
2 x Canna Bio Flores 1 litre
1 x Canna Bio Boost 1 litre
4 x Canna Bio Pro Plus Soil 50 litre

1 x Biobizz Bio Grow 1 litre
2 x Biobizz Bio Bloom 1 litre
1 x Biobizz Top Max 1 litre
4 x Biobizz Light Mix 50 litre

G1116  Organic 1200w Grow Tent Kit - Canna Bio Nutrients 890.00
G1117  Organic 1200w Grow Tent Kit - Biobizz Nutrients 850.00

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