Bluelab PH Probe

Bluelab PH Probe
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If you own and use a Bluelab Guardian Monitor, Bluelab Combo Meter or Bluelab PH meter, then at some stage you may require a new Bluelab PH probe to replace your old worn, or unfortunately broken probe.

The Bluelab PH probe has a two metre cable fitted that comes with a connection that fits with all the above meters. A suction cup is provided in case you intend to leave the probe permanently submerged in the tank, or if you intend to just submerge it when you need to test your solution there is a fluid cap provided to keep the end of the probe dry and sealed from the air to help prevent any salt deposits forming on it.

The Bluelab PH Probe will need calibrating with a buffer of a fixed and known PH on a regular basis, to ensure you are given accurate readings time after time.

G2323  Bluelab PH Probe 50.00

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