Canna Terra Discount Deal

Canna Terra Discount Deal
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If you are looking to only grow a few plants in soil and wish to use the Canna Terra range, take a look at this fantastic deal.

This Canna Terra Package Deal offers all the nutrients and additives you will need to grow in soil from start to finish. Canna Terra Vega and Flores 1 part nutrient are supplied with all the Canna additives and boosts available, to ensure your plants receive all they need during their life cycle.

Canna Rhizotonic is a root stimulator, used at the beginning of the cycle to give your plants a good start and a good root system. To keep the root system healthy, Cannazym is provided and will help break down any dead root material and produce new root growth quickly. Canna Terra Vega is used for the growing period and then you can switch to Canna Terra Flores for the flowering period. Canna Boost and PK 13/14 will provide the plants with extra energy during the flowering or fruiting period to gain the maximum potential out of your plants. And to finish your plants and clean any excess nutrients from within them, you can use Canna Flush.

This is a great deal for the novice or pro grower who wishes to grow with Canna soil products and best of all with a 10% discount on all the items included.

Canna Terra Package Deal includes:
1 x Canna Rhizotonic 250ml.
1 x Cannazym 1 litre.
1 x Canna Terra Vega 1 litre.
1 x Canna Terra Flores 1 litre.
1 x Canna Boost Accelerator 1 litre.
1 x Canna PK13/14 250ml.
1 x Canna Flush 250ml.
1 x Canna Terra Professional Plus 50 litre

G1300  Canna Terra Discount Deal 121.00

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