Aerowing Air Cooled Grow Lights

Aerowing Air Cooled Grow Lights
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These Aerowing air-cooled grow lights are simply just amazing for any growroom, small or big that suffers with too much heat.

The Aerowing reflector offers a wide spread of light from your lamp and when connected inline with your growroom extraction system it will allow your out take fan to remove the excess heat in your room and also the heat produced from your lamp. The reflector has 6" spigots at either end to connect it to ducting easily and is supplied with the toughened glass that is removable for cleaning the reflector when needed.

The Powerplant Daylite ballast is well vented in the bottom and sides of the unit and finished in black to help reduce the heat more efficiently from the ballast. Rubber feet are fitted to prevent any vibration or noise being created from the ballast. These little units have proven to be most reliable for striking your lamp regularly.

The 250w air cooled kits come with a 250w Powerplant Super HPS lamp and the 400w and 600w kits come with a Sylvannia Grolux HPS lamp, that has added blue to the spectrum and can be used for both stages, growing and flowering.

These HID light units do require a lighting contactor to be used with your timer to control your on and off periods safely.

G1812  Aerowing Air Cooled Grow Light - 250w Kit 135.00
G1813  Aerowing Air Cooled Grow Light - 400w Kit 145.00
G1814  Aerowing Air Cooled Grow Light - 600w Kit 155.00

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