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Special Offers


Tarantula is a beneficial bacteria. Tarantula is a 100% pure organic pioneering product that contains the highest concentration of beneficial micro organisms of any plant growth product we know of and is great to use on all types of growing media and hydroponic systems.

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Price 35.00


Bio Harvest Bio Stimulant

Bio Harvest Bio Stimulant is a 100% natural root growth promoter that is packed full of beneficial bacteria and is a great product for organic growing. The beneficial bacteria colonise your plants root zone to improve root growth, plant growth and health, giving them a great start in life.

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Price 8.00

Bio Harvest Bio Stimulantmore

Bluelab PH Meter

The Bluelab PH meter is a handheld, lightweight and portable unit, that is used to accurately measure the PH value of your nutrient solution. Just simply turn the meter on and place the PH probe into the nutrient solution and immediately the PH value will be displayed on the large screen for you to easily read it.

Was 120.00

Price 95.00

Bluelab PH Metermore

Vitalink Easy

Vitalink Easy nutrients are available in a grow and bloom, one part formula. Vitalink Easy Grow nutrient will provide your plants with enough nitrogen and other essential elements, critical for this stage and Vitalink Easy Bloom will ensure your plants have all the correct elements they need, during their flowering period.

Was 19.50

Price 15.00

Vitalink Easymore

Vitalink Max

Vitalink Max is a two part hydroponic nutrient that was specially developed in the UK and it has under gone many tests, proving to be a reliable, well balanced nutrient formula that helps to max your plants for the best results possible and Vitalink Max has been a top seller for many years now, because of this.

Was 9.75

Price 6.50

Vitalink Maxmore

Plagron Phyt-Amin

Plagron Phyt-Amin is a nutrient that is diluted with water to make a foliar spray that can be applied weekly to your plant foliage, to help stimulate chlorophyll production and also the plants sugar production. The use of Plagron Phyt-Amin will help to produce a far more intensive flavour from your edible crops.

Was 18.95

Price 12.00

Plagron Phyt-Aminmore

Gardening Indoors with Rockwool

Indoor hydroponic gardening with Rockwool is a very popular method and offers a clean, disease free substrate to grow your plants in quickly and easily. This book gives a clear understanding of how to use rockwool and the benefits you can achieve.

Was 10.95

Price 5.50

Gardening Indoors with Rockwoolmore

10" RVK Fan Mounting Bracket

These high quality well manufactured fan brackets are suitable for mounting your RVK inline fans very quickly and easily. Fix the bracket to a wall or a ceiling and the fan can be simply pushed into place and also removed for maintenance very easily without removing your ducting.

Was 10.00

Price 6.00

10" RVK Fan Mounting Bracketmore

Organic B

Advance Nutrients Organic B vitamins are a supplement that can be used for soil and hydroponics and also as a foliar feed. Organic B is made up of three unique yeast extracts that contain amino acids, proteins, trace elements and together give a balanced feeding of 7 B vitamins.

Was 27.00

Price 18.00

Organic Bmore

Plant Cloche

These high quality plastic plant cloches allow growers to keep humidity levels high while raising young seedlings or cuttings. They can be pinned to the ground for outdoor use and placed on large pots indoors. A vent is fitted on the dome to control the levels of humidity inside.

Was 4.50

Price 3.50

Plant Clochemore

Vitalink Biopac

Vitalink Biopac enriches your water and your growing media in your hydroponics system with many beneficial microbes, to establish a population of beneficial bacteria around the root system of your plants. Vitalink Biopac will help to promote very healthy, green growth and also a much better yield from your plants.

Was 11.85

Price 8.50

Vitalink Biopacmore

Bio Link Plus

Bio Link Plus is packed full of beneficial microbes and fungi that can assist your plants in many ways, improving the nutrient uptake, growth and strengthening the cell walls of the plants to aid them against any attacks from insects. Bio Link Plus can be used for soil, coco and also hydroponics in any growing system.

Was 7.75

Price 5.50

Bio Link Plusmore

Vitalink Bio Plus

Vitalink Bio Plus contains a mixture of natural plant hormones, vitamins and many beneficial microbes that will help to incredibly increase the root mass and root health of your young plants. Vitalink Bio Plus will also help to protect your plants delicate root systems against attacks from any nasty diseases.

Was 15.75

Price 12.00

Vitalink Bio Plus more

Vitalink Foliar

Vitalink Foliar is a calcium rich foliar feed nutrient, that helps your plants to become much stronger and more resistant to any attacks from pests and diseases. Vitalink Foliar now also contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural anti fungal ingredient that helps to keep your plants very strong and also allowing them to perform at their best.

Was 19.95

Price 15.00

Vitalink Foliarmore

Gardening Indoors with Co2

Co2 provided indoors to your garden can significantly increase the health and yield from your plants. This is a very good book that is easy to read and is all about enriching your plants with the gas Carbon Dioxide. If you are planning to use Co2 then we recommend this book highly.

Was 10.95

Price 5.50

Gardening Indoors with Co2more

Gardening Indoors with Cuttings

If you are planning to keep a donor plant for cuttings to be taken from you may need some help and advice for setting up a propagation room. This book offers a step-by-step guide for building a propagation room to take and grow your very own plant cuttings.

Was 10.95

Price 5.50

Gardening Indoors with Cuttingsmore

Aero 8 Potz System

The Aero 8 Potz system can be housed in a 1.2 x 2.4 metre grow tent and requires at least two grow lights to cover your plants. This aeroponic system is designed to re-circulate the nutrient solution but it can be run to waste by simply moving the return pipe from the reservoir to another tank. Supplied with minute timer.

Was 475.00

Price 435.00

Aero 8 Potz Systemmore

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