Plant Magic Plus

Plant Magic Plus

These fantastic nutrients from Plant Magic Plus are designed and manufactured right here in the UK and they are available in hard and soft water formulas. They also have a great selection of beneficial additives and boosts that will help to maximise your gardens potential.

Plant Magic Plus Root Stimulant

Plant Magic Plus Root Stimulant greatly increases the biological activity in your plants root zone. This root stimulant will initiate rapid root growth with your young plants and will also assist with nutrient uptake as well. The use of this stimulant from an early stage, will lead to much bigger and stronger plants developing.

From: 9.85

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Plant Magic Plus Granules

Plant Magic Plus Granules work to create an abundance of beneficial micro life, within your growing media. With over 20 strains of micro-organisms, bio-stimulants and Mycorrhizal fungi that all form a symbiotic relationship with the roots, Granules has proven to be a must have product for any grower using soil.

From: 12.95

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Plant Magic Plus Soil Nutrients

Plant Magic Plus Soil nutrients are available in a one part formula for grow and a one part formula for bloom. This special blend contains humates, trace elements, Magnesium and Calcium, all mixed at the correct proportions to ensure rapid healthy growth and also a rapid development of vibrant large flowers.

From: 9.50

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Plant Magic Old Timer Nutrients

Plant Magic Plus Old Timer is an organic one part nutrient, available in a grow and bloom formula. Plant Magic Plus Old Timer has the correct proportion of NPK to ensure a healthy crop right through to harvest and this special formula will also help to feed beneficial fungi and micro-organisms in your growing media.

From: 8.95

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Plant Magic Plus Hydro Nutrients

Plant Magic Plus Hydro nutrients are a two part grow and bloom formula, specifically designed for UK water. This hydroponics nutrient can be used with re-circulating systems or run to waste systems and will provide your plants with all the essential elements needed during their growth and flowering stages.

From: 10.50

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Plant Magic Plus Evolution

Plant Magic Plus Evolution should be applied once a week to your plants foliage throughout the vegetative stage and the first 14 days of the flowering period, to significantly increase the number of fresh shoots that form for your flowers or fruits to develop on and help deliver you a more bountiful harvest.

From: 4.95

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Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost

Plant Magic Plus Veg Boost is a powerful bio stimulant that is an additive used in the vegetative stage of the plants cycle. Using Veg Boost as a soil drench will change the structure of the medium, allowing water and oxygen to move freely around the medium, which will help to provide rapid growth from your plants.

From: 5.40

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Plant Magic Plus Catalyst

Plant Magic Plus Catalyst is a 100% organic seaweed extract that dramatically improves plant growth, carbohydrate and protein production as well as speeding up photosynthesis. After using Catalyst you will see an improvement from your plants, due to the amount of trace elements and micro nutrients readily available.

From: 7.45

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Plant Magic Plus Bio Silicon

Plant Magic Plus Bio-Silicon is specially formulated for soil applications. It will help to strengthen the cell walls of your plants, resulting in much bigger, stronger stems. Photosynthetic activities are increased resulting in much more sugar production, which enhances the aroma, flavours and yield from your crops.

From: 5.95

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Plant Magic Plus Bio Wetter

Plant Magic Plus Bio-Wetter is an organic wetting agent extracted from the Yukka plant. Not only can this be used as a wetting agent for foliar feeding, it has the added benefit of being used as a soil drench for softening hard compacted soil. Bio-Wetter is also an anti-stress agent, helping plants to recover from any shock.

From: 8.95

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Plant Magic Plus Bloom Boost

Plant Magic Plus Bloom Boost is a powerful PK 13/14 flowering stimulator that is used to increase the size and taste from your fruits or the colour and aroma from your flowers. Plant Magic Bloom Boost contains some nitrogen to create a more balanced nutrient, resulting in a much better quality from your crop.

From: 5.25

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Plant Magic Plus Flush

Plant Magic Plus Flush is designed to remove excess nutrients from your plants at the end of their cycle. Plant Magic Flush removes metallic tastes from your crops caused by nutrient build up and improves the taste and aroma from your fruiting plants. Flush can also be used if over feeding has unfortunately occurred.

From: 10.50

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Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme

Soil supreme is a unique blend from Plant Magic Plus that is just amazing. It is packed full of sphagnum peat, fytocell foam chunks and an organic growth stimulant is added, which is a great food source for beneficial fungi and micro-organisms to develop with. This soil has now become very popular in the UK.

From: 11.00

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Plant Magic Plus Essence

Essence is a great kit from Plant Magic Plus that contains all you need to create a foliar spray with a highly concentrated bio-culture that contains over 20 strains of beneficial micro organism's that will colonise the leaf surface to promote healthier growth and combat a variety of fungal infections, like mildew or botrytis.

From: 15.95

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