Lumatek Digital Ballasts

Lumatek Digital Ballasts
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Growing digitally has proven to be very beneficial, with many growers turning to this method and lighting their indoor garden with Lumatek Digital Ballasts.

Lumatek Digital Ballasts have become a house hold name amongst growers who have realised their potential. They are a small compact unit that runs silent and they produce much less heat than standard core/coil ballasts. Lumatek ballasts can light both High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps and because of Lumatek's soft start technology, the lamps can last up to three times as long. They have a fast start up, reaching full brightness in less than one minute and magnetic ballasts typically take about twenty minutes. Lumatek ballasts are also completely shielded and they have an automatic cut off when a short is detected in the power supply.

Lumatek Digital Ballasts have an external switch fitted that will boost the lumen output by 10% when the switch is activated. This feature is only to be used with HPS lamps, ideal when you want to boost lumen output in the flowering stage. With the switch off, MH and HPS lamps can be used with these ballasts.

Lumatek Digital Ballasts also do not degrade like standard ballasts do. Over time core/coil ballasts become much louder, produce less light, emit more heat and use more electricity, whilst electronic ballasts maintain their efficiency throughout their life span.

Don't be a fool grow digital, the initial cost may hurt a bit but you will reap the rewards in the long run.

G1848  Lumatek Digital Ballast & Super Lumen Switch - 250w 99.95
G1849  Lumatek Digital Ballast & Super Lumen Switch - 400w 124.95
G1850  Lumatek Digital Ballast & Super Lumen Switch - 600w 135.95

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