Flood Potz & Basket

Flood Potz & Basket
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These Flood Potz are drilled and supplied with three drain glands to fit and connect the flood and drain line and also the overflow pipes. They are available in three positions, with the overflow holes fitted in the centre for a Flood 1 Potz and in left and right positions for larger systems.

The Flood basket is 10" in diameter and has a 3" polo air stone fitted to the base to connect to some airline and an air pump, to deliver those bubbles directly into the media and around the roots.

G0504  Flood Potz - Drain Glands Centre 6.50
G0505  Flood Potz - Drain Glands Left 6.50
G0506  Flood Potz - Drain Glands Right 6.50
G0507  Flood Potz Basket & Air Stone 6.00

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