NFT Spreader Mat

NFT Spreader Mat
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NFT spreader mat is a fibre glass sheet that is used to lay across the top tray of an NFT system to help distribute the nutrient solution more evenly across the tray.

When installing this sheet it is wise to wear some gloves as it can irritate your skin. Start from the top end of the tray where the water comes out and roll the spreader mat down to the bottom of the tray, dont cut the sheet exactly to the edge of the tray as this will cause the water to drop back into the tank and it will create a noise like a dripping tap. Cut the spreader mat with excess so you can hang the sheet into the water to prevent it dripping and creating a noise. When laying the next line of spreader mat, ensure to slightly overlap it onto the first piece to make sure the top tray is completely covered.

G0631  NFT Spreader Mat - 25' roll 1.95
G0632  NFT Spreader Mat - 50' roll 3.50
G0633  NFT Spreader Mat - 100' roll 6.95

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