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This excellent range of two part base nutrients for hydroponics, soil and coco cultivation is accompanied by a top quality set of additives and flowering boosts, with leading products that will amaze you like House & Garden Roots Excelurator and Shooting Powder.

House & Garden Roots Stimulator 1

House and Garden have developed this root stimulator to help increase the root mass of your young plants very quickly. It contains many beneficial ingredients that will encourage the roots to develop well and also aid with nutrient uptake through the root systrem. It can be used with any method of cultivation, soil, coco or hydro.

From: 10.95

House & Garden Roots Stimulator 1more

House & Garden Roots Excelurator

If you wish to quickly increase the root mass of your plants, add a little Roots Excelurator into your feeding solution. This powerful root stimulant is packed full of ingredients, that will help to eradicate any dead root material in your media to make way for an abundance of new root growth and root hairs to form.

From: 34.95

House & Garden Roots Exceluratormore

House & Garden Aqua Flakes

Aqua Flakes are a two part base nutrient that is used for both the growth stage of your plants and also the flowering stage with additional House & Garden additives and boosts used to increase your yield. Aqua Flakes are designed for use with re-circulating hydroponic systems and they help you to produce some great results.

From: 14.95

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House & Garden Soil Nutrients

House & Garden soil nutrients are a two part A and B formula that are designed to be used for the whole cycle of your plants life, growth and flowering. This base set of nutrients contains humic and fulvic acids which aid with nutrient uptake and additional additives can be used at the critical stages to help boost your plants.

From: 12.95

House & Garden Soil Nutrientsmore

House & Garden Cocos Nutrients

This two part cocos nutrient from House & Garden is specifically designed to be used for both the growth stage and flowering stage of your plants cycle, as a basic nutritional feed. House & Garden Cocos nutrients contain humic and fulvic acids, which aid the plant with nutrient uptake for a bigger and better harvest.

From: 12.95

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House & Garden Multi Zyme

Multi Zyme is an enzyme based product that helps to condition the roots of your plants. Multi Zyme will accelerate the growth of your plants and also help to break down any dead root material that may be forming in your media or system to provide room for new root growth to form and also to allow air into the media.

From: 9.95

House & Garden Multi Zymemore

House & Garden Amino Treatment

Amino Treatment is nothing less than a revolutionary product for hydroponics cultivation that provides your plants with a natural growth and flowering stimulator to enhance the size, quality and yield from your crop. Amino Treatment contains a balanced and complex set of ingredients, that your plants will love.

From: 34.95

House & Garden Amino Treatmentmore

House & Garden PK13/14

This PK13/14 formula from House & Garden is a high phosphorus and potassium boost that is used in the late stages of the flowering period, to enhance the size and weight of your flowers or fruits. House & Garden PK13/14 can be used with any method of cultivation, soil, coco and hydroponics.

From: 6.95

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House & Garden Top Booster

Top Booster is a high quality phosphorus and potassium flowering boost from House and Garden, which is used in the late stages of the flowering period to help increase the size and weight of your crop and an addition of chelated red iron is also added to the formula to increase your flowers or fruits even further.

From: 7.95

House & Garden Top Boostermore

House & Garden Bud XL

Bud XL is a potent formula from House & Garden that is used in the late stages of the flowering period to increase the sugar transport towards the tops of the plants, to help increase the size and taste of your fruits. House & Garden Bud XL can also be used with any type of cultivation method, soil, coco or hydroponics.

From: 16.95

House & Garden Bud XLmore

House & Garden Top Shooter Gel

House & Garden have a great selection of products to help boost your plants and Top Shooter Gel is certainly one of them. Top Shooter Gel is a liquid version of Shooting Powder, developed especially for growers who require smaller amounts of solution to be mixed, but still require the same final results.

From: 36.95

House & Garden Top Shooter Gelmore

House & Garden Shooting Powder

Shooting powder is designed to push your plants to the max in their final stages of the flowering period, to help increase the final size and weight of your flowers or fruits before harvest. When added to your tank of water and fed to your plants, shooting powder will help you to gain the maximum yield from your crop.

From: 6.95

House & Garden Shooting Powdermore

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