Budget Carbon Filters

Budget Carbon Filters
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Out of all the low cost carbon filters we have tested, Prima Klima Budget Carbon Filters have always come out on top.

Prima Klima Home Edition Carbon Filters are great for those on a budget, especially if you don't intend to grow for a long period. These carbon filters have an estimated lifespan of 12 months providing the environment is not too humid, as this can greatly reduce the performance and lifespan of the filter.

Prima Klima carbon filters are made with virgin activated carbon pellets. The carbon has extremely high porosity, which explains the reason why Prima Klima filters have become world renowned for their great absorption capabilities. The metal surrounding the carbon is zinc coated metal with a 51% open mesh for maximum air flow.

When installing your carbon filter make sure to hang it at the highest point in your grow room to ensure all the heat that rises is removed, along with any pollens and odours and these carbon filters will happily remove all odours and pollens from your grow room just as well as the best filters available, but they just won't last as long.


4" - 100 x 250mm

5" - 125 x 400mm

6" Small - 150 x 400mm

6" Large - 150 x 650mm

Air Flow Rating

4" - 240m3/hr

5" - 360m3/hr

6" Small - 450m3/hr

6" Large - 800m3/hr

G20135  Budget Carbon Filter - 4" (100mm) 29.95
G20136  Budget Carbon Filter - 5" (125mm) 39.95
G20137  Budget Carbon Filter - 6" (150mm) - Small 54.95
G20138  Budget Carbon Filter - 6" (150mm) - Large 74.95

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