Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel
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When growing plants hydroponically they sometimes need a Guardian Angel, as the majority of the time the roots are submerged in water and in hot conditions they can be open to attacks from Pythium.

Guardian Angel protects your plant roots from Pythium by improving its resistance against harmful microbial attacks.

Guardian Angel is a blend of inert nutritional salts and natural bacteria derived enzymes. These enzymes aid microbes to produce carbohydrate-binding proteins and to enhance macro and micro nutrients availability to the symbiotic beneficial bacteria in the plant root hair zone, keeping all bad things at bay.

Don't be a fool and protect your roots with Guardian Angel, if you can't keep them cool.

How To Use
Cuttings - Add 3ml per litre of water.

Hydroponics Add 1ml per 1.5 litre of water.

Soil/Coco - Add 3ml per litre of water.

Mature plants - Add 5ml per litre of water.

G2506  Guardian Angel - 250ml 8.45
G2507  Guardian Angel - 1 litre 28.00

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