Drip 1 Potz 250w Starter Kit

Drip 1 Potz 250w Starter Kit
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This starter kit offers you the choice to grow your plants hydroponically or with soil.

A Drip 1 Potz is supplied with this kit, which can hold any growing media in the mesh basket and also support 2 plants. The nutrient solution is re-circulated and the Drip 1 Potz is very easy to maintain.

A 250w grow light delivers the light to your plants which is ample for a system of this size and there are many accessories included which will help you to get growing.

You also have a choice between Canna nutrients and clay pebbles for hydroponics cultivation or you can choose the Biobizz package to grow in soil.

Drip 1 Potz 250w Starter Kit Includes:

1 x Drip 1 Potz System
1 x Propagator
10 x Jiffy Pellets
1 x PH Down 250ml
1 x PH Manual Test Kit
1 x Pipette 5ml
1 x Syringe 10ml
1 x Powerplant 250w Light Kit
1 x Set of Eazi Roll Hangers
1 x Powerstar 1 way Contactor
2 x Grasslin 15 Minute Timer
2 x Black White Sheet - metre

with either

1 x Canna Rhizotonic 250ml
1 x Canna Aqua Vega - Grow 2 litre
1 x Canna Aqua Flores - Flower 2 litre
1 x Canna PK13/14 250ml
1 x Canna Flush 250ml
1 x Clay Pebbles 10 litre


1 x Biobizz Root Juice 250ml
1 x Biobizz Bio Grow 1 litre
1 x Biobizz Bio Bloom 1 litre
1 x Biobizz Top Max 500ml
1 x Biobizz All Mix 20 litre

G1203  Drip 1 Potz 250w Soil Starter Kit - Biobizz Nutrients 223.50
G1204  Drip 1 Potz 250w Hydro Starter Kit - Canna Nutrients 227.00

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