Powerstar Light Contactors

Powerstar Light Contactors
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If you intend to use HID lighting in your hydroponics grow room you will need to use a contactor to safely switch the light on and off at your timed periods and Ecotechnics Powerstar Contactors are by far the best.

When your HID light turns on it requires a large load of power to strike the lamp and a regular household timer will not cope with this load and will simply burn out, normally in the on position as it strikes meaning your light will run constantly and not turn off.

The Ecotechnics Powerstar Contactor will safely take the load required and will prevent your timer from burning out, switching it safely on and off daily.

Maximum loads

Powerstar 1kw - 1 Socket
1 x 250w, 400w, 600w or 1000w light.

Powerstar 2kw - 2 Socket
2 x 250w, 400w, 600w or 1000w lights.

Powerstar 3kw - 4 Socket
4 x 250w, 400w, 600w or 3 x 1000w lights.

How To Use
A double mains socket is required.

Plug a normal plug timer into the mains once it is set and then plug the timer lead from the contactor into the plug timer.

Plug the mains lead from the contactor into the second mains socket.

Turn the power on to the plug timer and then turn the power on to the mains lead to the contactor.

Your light will now be controlled by your timer safely.

G1924  Powerstar Light Contactor - 1kw - 1 Socket 19.95
G1925  Powerstar Light Contactor - 2kw - 2 Socket 24.00
G1926  Powerstar Light Contactor - 3kw - 4 Socket 33.00

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