Hailea Air Pumps

Hailea Air Pumps
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If you need to raise and maintain higher levels of oxygen in your hydroponics tank or aquarium you can use a Hailea air pump and stone to deliver those bubbles directly into your water.

Hailea air pumps are very reliable and they require very little power to run, making them perfect to use 24/7 to aerate the water. Hailea air pumps also have rubber feet fitted to the base of the unit to help eliminate any vibration whilst the air pump is on.

The 1 outlet is a fixed flow pump that delivers 1.6 litres of air per minute into the water.

The 2 outlet air pump is an adjustable pump that can deliver up to 2 x 2 litres per minute into the water.

Top Tip
Raise your air pump above the level of your solution in your tank or system, to prevent any water being syphoned back through the air pump if the power is turned off to the unit.

G2114  Hailea Air Pump - 1 Outlet 5.00
G2115  Hailea Air Pump - 2 Outlet 9.50

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